Other Equipment

Other Equipment

Below is a listing of some of PV American's other equipment.

Aeon Mira 7 (2019)

Type: Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Max Scanning Precision: 4000DPI


CRYSTA-Apex S574 (2019)

Type: Coordinate Measuring

Max. Drive Acceleration: 2,309 mm/s² (3D)


Mastercut (2008) 

Type: Saw

Capacity: 10.25"


Robocrib Model D (2007)

Type: Tool Crib

Capacity: Over 1000 Tools


Nugier H150 (2007)

Type: Press

Capacity: 150 Tons


Kent 2060T (2007)

Chuck: 10"

Max Swing: 20"

Max Turn OD: N/A

Max Turn Length: 57.078"

Horsepower: 7.5 HP